My fairy tale life started a little less than Cinderella-like. As a child I was often sick, and as a result my parents were very protective of me. I didn’t have many friends and I didn’t get to go on playdates very much, so I missed out on a lot of fun stuff! Conversely, my family was all about throwing parties and social events—They were always ready to celebrate anything that came up. Those events were always a blast for me, and a great escape. I loved the music, all the food, and especially the décor… it was all so pretty – everyone was having fun, and, well, I was having fun!

So as a child, I loved to create, design, decorate and organize anything I could get my little hands on. And children’s toys? No way! I was much happier planning my classmates’ weddings (no really, just ask any of them!). You could say I came straight out of one of those “Born to do this” ads from John Casablanca’s! Little did I know what the future had in store for me.

As I got older, I started planning, styling and decorating events as a hobby for family and friends as a favour, but never saw it as a potential career. In 2004, I took up Makeup Artistry to satisfy my creative side. Over time, I broadened my passion and expertise, by working at many weddings, and doing makeup for a range of different special occasions. Later, I pushed further towards my dreams, and completed a Fashion Designing Program with a Diploma. Never satisfied, I continued to enhance my creativity and the artist within me and started designing cakes! This led to forming my own company named Couture Cakes by Jo.

All the while, I kept planning amazing events for friends and family including weddings.

In 2011 I went to school to learn everything I could about event management and coordination. From there, I was mentored by a very well-known event decorator with a big reputation. It was here that the world of possibilities opened up for me and I realized MY dream was within my reach by decorating for a variety of high profile special events.

Loving what I did, but still feeling thirsty for more knowledge and experience, I added working for one of the venues I had decorated. There, I implemented my knowledge and experience to coordinate events while working alongside different vendors. Here is where I found a pool of amazing resources for any couple getting married.

Today, I create and coordinate events, big and small, and have for over a decade. I’m grateful that my path finally became crystal clear: I was born to be an event planner where I could combine everything into one great company that serves people just like you. My dream of having a fun, exciting, fulfilling and adventurous career where people had fun was born! Welcome to Couture Events by Jo!